Want to start your own business?
Let 100 Steps 2 Startup™ lead you to success!

  • 100 Steps 2 Startup™ is an easy-to-follow program
  • Developed by award winning startup mentor, Dr. Sean Wise
  • Leads you step-by-step from idea creation to revenue generation with as little risk as possible

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You will:

Find an opportunity

Validate your idea before investing resources

Achieve meaningful market penetration

Generate revenue and prepare to scale

We Guarantee Your Success!

If you don’t have a revenue generating business after finishing 100 Steps 2 Startup™, we will give you 100% of your money back.

Guarantee details available on the Terms & Conditions page.
*Special pricing available for student groups (classes) or corporate bulk purchases. Contact us for details.

Why Enroll in 100 Steps 2 Startup™?

95% of businesses fail due to lack of experience, knowledge and advice. Don’t let your million dollar idea become one of those failures. Get the knowledge on how to start a successful business in just 100 steps.

100 Steps 2 Startup™ provides easy-to-follow instructions on how to:

Get the knowledge on how to start a successful business in just 100 steps
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What’s Included in 100 Steps 2 Startup™?

Instructional Videos for Starting a Startup

Short Instructional

Actionable Worksheets for Starting a Startup


Easy-to-Follow Worksheet
Completion Videos

The Benefits of 100 Steps 2 Startup™ are Clear

  • Launch a startup by learning from those who have already been successful
  • Discover where to find opportunities and how to take advantage of them
  • Follow a path that is clear and actionable
  • Use techniques proven successful by companies such as Uber, Twitter, AirBnb, and hundreds of others
  • Save time, money, resources and heartache
  • Mitigate your risk of failure
Dr Sean Wise headshot

Startup Canada 2014 Mentor of the Year

Helped launch hit reality startup TV show Dragons' Den

Created by Dr. Sean Wise

Dr. Wise is a best-selling author, venture capitalist and founder of more than half a dozen new ventures. He has spent two decades in the venture capital industry, specializing in supporting high growth innovation ventures at the seed stage. In 2014 he was named National Startup Mentor of the Year.

Dr. Wise helped launch Dragons’ Den, the hit reality show, now in 27 countries, and known as Shark Tank in the USA. He now has his own show on the Oprah Winfrey Network, called The Naked Entrepreneur. His work on Entrepreneurship has appeared on or in CNN Financial, The New York Times, Profit Magazine, Fox News and the Globe and Mail. He has also written 5 books, including 1 textbook.

Dr. Wise is a tenured Professor of Entrepreneurship at Ryerson University. He holds both a law degree and an MBA from the University of Ottawa. Dr. Wise earned his Ph.D. in Business from the prestigious Adam Smith School of Business at the University of Glasgow.

100 Steps 2 Startup is comprised of everything Dr. Wise teaches and the experience he has gained from mentoring entrepreneurs. This program is now available to YOU, as a means by which you can create your own successful business, pursue your passion, and achieve your dreams!

Clear, concise, actionable advice

Clear, concise, actionable advice

“Dr. Wise is the Dr. Phil of Entrepreneurship. No matter the venture or the industry, Dr. Wise provides clear, concise, actionable advice. He literally gave us the step by step instructions we needed to go from idea to revenue.”

Phil Raffi
Founder, VooVo

Saves you time, money and most of all heartache

Saves you time, money and most of all heartache

No one gives better, more actionable advice than Dr. Sean Wise. No matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, Dr Wise’s wisdom saves you time, money and most of all heartache. Why learn from mistakes when you can learn from Wise? “

Andrea Romero
Founder, Joe Fresh Innovation Fashion Zone